Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Friends from Koc School

Hi everyone there...I would like to share with you that day on the boat on my birthday in June the 1st and Roger's message on the next day in the year 2007!!!! when he and Lorraine were here with us,  at Koc School in Istanbul/ Turkey.

It was my birthday celebration and my friend Tumay organized it for me without letting me know at all!!! Lorraine will tell this story...Roger talked about the full bright moon all the time, in a poetical way ofcourse as you see below...he was a man of poetry, a man of kindness, no doubt...a real gentlemen...he passed through our lives and left his light behind...the Koc school will never forget him...you can share the picture in his blog if you want.

Regards to all his family.

Aysen Gökyılmaz and Tümay Yasım
His friends at Koc

From: FIELD Roger
Sent: Saturday, June 02, 2007 8:51 AM
To: YASIM Tümay
Subject: Thank you so much!

Dear Tumay,

Thank you so much for having such a wonderful idea!
Thank you so much for inviting us to share last night with Aysen and friends!
Thank you so much for choosing such a good boat with such good food and drink!
Thank you for arranging such a beautiful evening, making sure the sun set beautifully and the wind dropped at exactly the right time!
Thank you for arranging to have the moon come up for Aysen from behind the hill to light up the night (and thank you for making it a full moon, like your own name)!
Thank you for organizing the beautiful light display on the first bridge on our way back!
Thank you for the great cakes and looking after the lovely gift, the little book, the card, etc. etc.!
And thank you for your wonderful happy presence!

Koray says you are a great organizer - he's right - so thank you again for everything!

Roger (and Lorraine, still snoozing)

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