Tuesday, November 13, 2012

From Greg Denton

Hi Roger,

I've been thinking for some time that I should write you a long long letter, a real hand-written one, stuffed into an envelope, stamped, the whole deal. I haven't because I think what I've wanted to write seems so epic in my imagination. Even now, trying to write a brief paragraph here I don't know where to start, and all I really want to say is thank you. It's a big thank you - for your friendship, which in itself is an epic thing, and impossible to do justice to in a few words. I was barely 21 when we met, and overwhelmed with the hospitality that you and Lolly offered me in Maitland.

I remember sitting there reading a stack of your poetry top to bottom and being in awe of your book collection and stunned that you would entrust some precious, rare, and fragile publications to my care. "Journal For The Protection Of All Beings" - exactly!. It meant a lot to me, a confused kid looking for a portal out of the limits that were set before me, looking for a way to get into a world. You gave me an alliance, and mentorship, at that moment that were invaluable. And the example of your kindness, nurture, balance, soul, humour, and intelligence have shone a light for me since, piloted my boat, and always will. The list of things I owe you gratitude for are long. And I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. They say you can't choose your family, and true as that may be, I've always felt that I was offered the possibility of doing that. Certainly, I've always felt that if I could choose a family, the one you made, were making, had, was one I wanted to be a part of. 

You've been my "other" family. 

You guys have always given me the palpable sense of love, welcome, and belonging that let me really believe that.

So, I guess I'll let this suffice for now, Roger. Just a small thanks to you, and to all that emanates out from you. And a wish that you know the love all comes back. And a wish that I could get to see you soon and share a laugh.

Love and thanks from a Denthead, and a great friend,


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