Thursday, November 15, 2012

Reflection from Mel MacKeen

Roger was my principal, friend, confidant, and support while I taught with him at Uniacke School. Though I was an oldie in the profession at the time, I learned so much about being a human being from him. His calm demeanour, understanding and genuine compassion for others was remarkable. One little anecdote, if I may – I was was absent with emotional ill health and he called me at my home one evening just to be a friend. I cannot, of course, remember the whole conversation, but I will always remember two things -  what he said to me and how I felt when he said it. He told me that he just wanted to hear my voice. In just one sentence he validated and uplifted me. I cannot remember my response but I hope he knew that hearing his voice was the best therapy I could have gotten. And now, simply spoken from my of the finest human beings I have known.

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