Thursday, November 1, 2012


This is Ellen, Roger's daughter.

My dad passed away at home on Sunday, October 28th with family at his side.  It was a warm beautiful moonlit night before Hurricane Sandy brought winds and rain the following morning.  Thank you for all your well wishes. It is clear how many people my dad's loving and calm demeanour touched over the years. His obituary was published in the Chronicle Herald yesterday.  

There will be a celebration of Roger's life in late November. If you would like to attend, please contact me (  We are asking people who would like to share memories or stories of Roger to send them in an email to Jon Eben Field ( and he will post them to this blog. Please include your full name.

If you are inclined, you can read the poem that he read to all of us on Friday with Ian Bent's accompaniment on piano.  It was his last exertion of energy and will be on Allison Angelo's upcoming album. In many ways, the end of his life was as poetic as the words he carefully composed in his poetry. 


Come up come up come up
lift your round yellow head
oh moon
above the furrow of cloud
emerge in your roundness
and shine

Come up come up
pull yourself clear
as the earth tilts away
and shine across the town
your face fully round
and yellow and free

The sky above is cold
and clear
Are you looking for me
your old yellow face
now floating
as I have been looking for you --

I am here but I am gone
I am on my way
with the wind behind
flying down the straight
road to find her
my darling
who waits & watches

Shine high shine whiter
old moon
shine on me as I fly
keep that road bright
as I swerve round the big rigs
keeping my eyes straight
mind clear as the sky

Old moon you have watched us
lovers these dozen years

Keep watch tonight
keep me safe on my way
and by your light
old moon

help me fly
help me home
to my love

Waxing moon in Ferguson's Cove days before Rog's passing

Rog's view
Sunset in Ferguson's Cove - days before Rog passed.

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